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Jun 24, 2021

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How to monitor your pc performance

How many times do you check the hardware performance of your PC? When was the last time you checked that after some time your pc got overheated? How much unwanted stuff is saved in the memory in your pc? We often work with our pc and then shut down and keep it aside without checking these monitoring measures.

Windows and system experts always suggest that the health of your pc would depend on how well you can keep it running smoothly. System hardware, memory boost up, clean up the internal storage, track the online activities are some special assessments required to keep intact the performance level of your pc.

Defrags from the operating system, remove the unwanted programs, clear the cookies, caches from your local storage, keep track of the network traffic can boost up the speed of your pc. But there are more measures required to give the extra mile performance that decides the lifespan of the pc.

Why is the monitor important to check hardware, CPU, and network traffic?

Hardware monitoring is important that ensures the fan speed, the CPU storage and the system run without hang or glitches while you are in between an important work mode.

Network traffic or data traffic is to move the data from one direction to another. For example, in network traffic, whether you receive the data or supply the data in and around the various servers.

Network traffic is important because the traffic influences and directly impacts health and pc performance. For example, north-South traffic or client-to-server traffic and East-West traffic or within the data center traffic exchange the data from and to your pc has brought lots of issues that decrease the performance.

The accountability of the safety issue and the performance depend on how you take care of your system and let the software run smoothly. If you focus on doing all this stuff alone, it will hamper your productivity.

Wise System Monitor, an application with many benefits

You must make a wise decision and use external software to do the job. Wise System Monitor is designed software to take care of the windows resource and hardware monitor to boost up the overall performance of your pc.

Wise System Monitor would scan the system operator, detect the issues and fix them to improve the productivity of your pc. The application has remarkable features for integrating with your system operator and working faster, and bringing expected output within a short time.

Let’s unveil the useful features.

A thorough check of all the running processes.

The process monitors, scans and prepares the list of methods to run in the system and displays the CPU condition, memory consumption ratio, and data exchange details. After that, the application would suggest shutting down the process, which is no longer useful for the system. With the process monitor help, users can check the real-time connectivity and the download/upload data of every process.

Detail information of Hardware components and system info

The application helps to navigate hardware components like motherboard, CPU, graphics card, RAM, hard drive disc, SSD, network and sound card. Users must be aware of the temperature of the most eminent hardware components, which are: CPU, motherboard, hard drive disc, and graphics card.

The floating window helps in detecting vital information regarding hardware.

The floating window in the lower right corner provides information like memory usage, internet speed, CPU usage, and temperature of the core components. If you can detect the consumption of RAM, CPU and internet speed, you can deal with the features accordingly.

Less CPU usage and compatibility with all windows

Wise System Monitor uses fewer system resources. Once you install the application, it will run in the background to detect the issues. As it is a bug-free application, it will not create any problem if its run run continuously. The application is compatible with all the latest windows like windows 10, 8, 7 and even Windows XP.

An extensive application perfect for your pc

Wise System Monitor is designed to detect the usage of CPU, memory, the processes running, and the detailed information of the hardware core components. Then, the application suggests a solution based on the detection of the issues.

The features of the Wise System Monitor give you clarity about the functional benefits of the application. How it works and how it works you can estimate once you install the software on your pc.

The software is free, and there is no need to pay to install it on your pc.

First, let me tell you the installation process and how the software works with the core components.

Easy installation process you must try and improve the functions of your pc

Wise System Monitor helps you boost up the download/upload speed, CPU usage, memory usage and the overall functions of the pc. But, first, let’s read and understand the steps.

Step 1: Download the software.

Step 2: The process monitor detects the issue and assists you in managing the processing system of your pc.

Step 3: The hardware monitor will display your PC’s hardware information

Step 4: Your operating system will be listed here.

Step 5: The floating window will display the download/upload speed, CPU usage, memory usage, and core components of the hardware information including the temperature.

a) Download speed

b) Upload speed

c) Memory usage and memory status

d) CPU usage

e) Display the core components’ temperature

You can check all the hardware, memory and network traffic issues and fix them accordingly.

Have a look at the FAQ. If you can relate to any of these sets, we would be glad to serve you the purpose.

What if the temperature of the CPU exceeds the standard level?

If the temperature exceeds its standard level, the system shuts down to prevent the complete damage of your PC. or else the excess temperature may cause smoke and burn out the internal components.

What is the need to check the network traffic?

Monitoring the network traffic is as important as keeping your system upgraded. You must know the upload and download history, the server details to prevent unnecessary hazards to your system. Network traffic deals with important data may be personal or professional. You must be alert about the exchange of the data.

How often should I run the application to improve the overall performance of the pc?

It depends on your working hours with your pc. If you work long hours, you can allow the application to run in the background. Then, it will run and detect the issues and fix them simultaneously while working with your pc.

Does memory boost up to improve the performance of my pc?

Yes. Memory boost-up allows more space in the RAM. To prevent bogging down the system, you need to run the Wise System Booster to boost up the memory of your pc.


Wise System Monitor is effectively monitoring your pc. When you work for long hours and your pc needs an application that takes care of the overall improvement to increase the performance. Memory, CPU boost up, network traffic management required professional handling that Wise System Monitor does perfectly and provide a complete checkup to your PC’s health.